Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

M&A and GovCon Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

1. PreM&A Compliance and Regulatory Assessment: A comprehensive review of existing compliance and regulatory requirements applicable to the target company to ensure that applicable standards are met prior to merger or acquisition.

2. PostM&A Integration: Integration of the target companys compliance and regulatory protocols into the acquiring organizations existing framework.

3. Government Contract Compliance: Compliance reviews of existing government contracts to ensure compliance with all applicable government regulations.

4. Regulatory Compliance Audits: Thorough audits of the existing compliance and regulatory structure of the target company to identify areas of noncompliance.

5. Regulatory Reporting: Preparation and filing of all applicable regulatory documents in a timely manner to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

6. Risk Management: Identification and mitigation of potential risk areas related to compliance and regulatory issues.

7. Training and Education: Development and implementation of compliance and regulatory training and education programs for the target companys workforce.


Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

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