Maritime Operations & Logistics

Strategic Acquirer Focused on Consolidation Plays & Value-Add LBO & MBO

About Us

$10m+ in Acquisitions & Current Owner of a Maritime Defense Contractor with over $100m+ In DOD Contracts Related to Maritime Fleet Readiness, Aircraft Carriers, & Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

Companies We Buy

Maritime Logistics & Charter Companies

Zigr acquires companies involved in maritime logistics and charter services, including stevedoring, port, and terminal services.

US Flag Ship Operations

Heavy focus will be on US-flagged or US Jones Act compliant vessels and operating companies across various shipping sectors and vessel types, such as dry bulk vessels, cargo transport, barges, and tugboats for ship assist.

Freight Forwarding & International Logistics

We seek companies engaged in freight forwarding, air freight, and international logistics to broaden its service offerings and geographic reach.

Ship Repair & Maintenance

Our portfolio encompass ship repair companies with expertise in large vessel repair, including hull, mechanical, and electrical systems, along with floating and stationary dry docks equipped to handle sizable vessels.

Industies We Consider

A Diverse Buy-box

Ship Brokerage & Marine Transport

Acquisition targets can include ship and yacht brokers, ship import/export companies, and marine transport firms, enhancing Zigr's market presence and customer base.

Commercial Charter Services

Zigr will explore opportunities in commercial charter companies specializing in ocean charters, catering to diverse client needs.

Dredging, Marina, & Shipyard Construction

Zigr will explore opportunities in marina construction companies involved in the design, engineering, and construction of marinas, waterfront developments, and marine infrastructure. Marinas serve as vital hubs for recreational boating, tourism, and waterfront amenities, requiring expertise in dredging, piling, concrete works, and marine construction techniques including drydocks, barges, and outrigging platforms.

Heavy Lift & Salvage

The firm will consider investments in heavy lift and salvage companies that provide specialized lifting, rigging, and salvage services for maritime and construction projects. These companies possess the equipment, expertise, and capabilities to undertake complex lifting operations, salvage sunken vessels, and recover valuable assets from underwater environments.

Acquisitions With Sustainment